A Chinese e-cigarette and e-liquid company has recently launched a new plant-based juice that, according to preliminary tests, can boost men’s virility.

This special e-liquid contains extracts from a Malaysian plant called Tongkat Ali. Malaysian men have been drinking Tongkat Ali extract coffee and tea for centuries, and modern medicine has shown that the plant; especially its roots which contain many ingredients that can naturally enhance the production of testosterone. Tongkat Ali extracts quickly enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract and lungs to boost the production of testosterone. This delivery system works much faster than other pharmaceutical products which can take as long as 30 minutes to take effect, or so they claim.

There have been several additives, from vitamins, energy boost, and caffeine…all attempting to help the end user.

I do not endorse this additive and have not done research to establish if the claims are true or not.  Please do your own research and remember that USA manufacture standards are not the same as China.